Month: June, 2014

The Origin Of The Conflctos

26 June, 2014 (19:26) | News |

It is evident that the diversity, the variety, the extensive panoply of the conflicts, the different scopes in that they develop, cannot make us think that it is easy to find the nexus of all the conflicts. If we reflected a moment on the conflict list that invades ours gnosis we will find: familiar conflicts […]

Love Surpasses Limits

24 June, 2014 (16:33) | News |

One test of love. PlayArte Pictures. 2009 (U.S.A.) Nicholas David Rowland American Cassavetes cineasta been born in 1959, in the city of New York, director of the film ‘ ‘ One proves of amor’ ‘ , which published as central subject of the film: drama and familiar conflict. Also it participated of other international films […]

Disco Ball Meets Variety

23 June, 2014 (18:41) | News |

First solo show for Basianer David Pereira in Berlin – boylesque acrobatic excentric art Berlin. He is young, self-confident, maladjusted, flirtatious and one thing above all: ambitious. Member of the art pool BASE is BERLIN David Pereira. At the age of just 22 is the Contortionist born in Spain, and dancers working on his own […]

Saint Laurent

23 June, 2014 (07:41) | News |

Still in 1966, it bet in prt–porter and it tried the luck in other areas, with the creation of dcors and wardrobes for bailados and cinema. He was when, still in this year, its compatriot Catherine Deneuve dressed, for the film of Buuel Luis, ' ' Belle de Jour' '. In 1967, the Kineckers of […]

Geography Science

10 June, 2014 (05:50) | News |

Geography while systemize science appears in fact in century XIX, however, before this a long way was covered. According to Moraes (2007), since Old Greece already if it produced Geography, philosophers as Tales and Anaximandro, the measurement of the space and the format of the Land were worried about related questions, at the same Herdoto […]

The Penguins Of Madagascar: April’ 12 At Paramount Pictures

3 June, 2014 (20:02) | News |

Oh you thick egg!AAch you thick egg! Bring on April 12 “Penguins of Madagascar” Easter mood in the homely living room of Hamburg, 07.03.2012 / INPROMO / / skipper, private, Kowalski and Rico are back! For the visitors of the New York Central Park Zoo are the four penguins just just cute. In truth the […]