Month: April, 2015

New York

15 April, 2015 (21:34) | News |

The rain foretold for the morning of this Sunday did not appear and the blue one of the sky, seemed to the one of that one blue crystalline in the morning that changed the course of recent history, predominated during more than four hour and a half than the ceremony lasted. Relatives, politicians and New […]

Woodworking Machinery

11 April, 2015 (15:14) | News |

The tree was and still is often used material for construction. But before you use it in construction, woodworking needs. Today the market is a great variety of woodworking machines, sold as a new woodworking machinery, as well as second hand. Before buying you should carefully explore the model and specifications of machines: the nominal […]

Ricky Martin

4 April, 2015 (20:44) | News |

Prestigious district of Miami, where Jennifer Lopez, beautiful courtyards, twined with flowers! Here in the quiet, calm home to Ricky Martin. By the gate of his house is a paved road, and near the gates, rising magnificent century-old tree! Everything is arranged in such a way that resembles the Mediterranean landscapes! So not far off […]