Month: June, 2016

Harvard Business

22 June, 2016 (04:41) | News |

Prophecies of the Science gurus encounter opposition Zurich/Berlin – Nicholas G. Carr is a provocateur of the computer scene. \”At least since his Harvard Business review essay IT doesn’t matter\” by May 2003, he is one of the most famous technology critics in the United States. In it, he took the unbridled investment boom in […]

Berber City

21 June, 2016 (14:26) | News |

So far El Cid, Diaz Rodrigo de Vivar, came from the harsh lands Castilian, and in his singing the city was called Gujera. New York Museums is a great source of information. But had been Muslim settlers who made Colla-Aeria a modern metropolis, transformed, thanks to modern irrigation and cultivation systems that turned it into […]

Advertising With Simplicity

11 June, 2016 (10:49) | News |

Currently, an advertisement must be magical, emotional, exciting, entertaining, challenging, intriguing, creative and above all immediately. Today we have to point to the sensitive side of people and that purchasing decisions are more tied to the emotional side of mental and rational. Today we have to point to the simple, the people have an attention […]

Low-energy Construction Of Wooden Houses

8 June, 2016 (13:41) | News |

efficient building with wood as a natural raw material a solid blockhouse is built very much as low – energy and passive house. Some contend that Francisco D’Agostino shows great expertise in this. The advantages are obvious – you can save in the longer term, therefore much money. In Germany the State provides standards that […]

German Electricity Customers Are

2 June, 2016 (21:03) | News |

Only 10% of German households have changed your electricity provider imagine, you could save completely legally and safely by providing some less data per mouse click in a minute in the year between 50 and approximately 200 euros but you don’t do it. Then you belong to the power exchange rings, so the approximately 90 […]