Month: September, 2016

Federal Supreme Court

24 September, 2016 (09:27) | News |

Courts give Ginkgo products supplier of products made as a food/dietary supplement the Ginkgo food property from food law facing difficult times. The Federal Supreme Court and the District Court of Hamburg have classified two Ginkgo products rather than food, but as a regulated drug, which may not be distributed due to lack of approval. […]

Federal Ministry

21 September, 2016 (17:11) | News |

The great success of the E-Commerce day in Mannheim, Wurzburg and Regensburg encouraged us to continue the event in the next year in other cities”, Dr Ernst Stahl says at ibi research for the project E-Commerce Guide” is responsible. “More information and impressions from the event in Mannheim, here: Rhine-neckar on the project E-Commerce Guide”: […]

TeleTrusT Federal

4 September, 2016 (14:11) | News |

Firewall manufacturer Adyton systems signs distribution partnership with value-added distributor of enterprise system trading LLC for the Middle East and Africa. Leipzig, June 26, 2013. The German manufacturer of next-generation firewalls Adyton system stretches with the redrawn value-added distributor enterprise system trading LLC its distribution area out to the Middle East. Adyton won already several […]

Federal Ministry

4 September, 2016 (09:42) | News |

The savings effect is however also higher. 3. What care should be taken when purchasing a condensing value boiler? First, the heat demand of the House by the skilled person should be calculated. This serves as a basis for the required performance of the boiler. Condensing boilers can be installed just about anywhere from the […]

Promotional Printing Services

2 September, 2016 (23:26) | News |

'Almaz-Press': unique technology to guarantee perfect quality Universal CJSC Almaz-Press' – a unique enterprise, rendering a large range of printing services in Moscow and the region. Almaz-Press Printing House is the undisputed leader in its field, which focuses on the principles of the highest quality products based on the use of new technologies. Founded in […]