A Necessary Change

2020-01-23 - 03:48 | News | Tags: |

The global energy model is changing gradually. Renewable energies are becoming stronger. Research and development of new wind turbines has promoted more efficient wind power as an effective alternative to fossil fuels. However solar energy is not having a spectacular development. They have driven the large wind farms but at the household level does not seem to arouse the interest of the government or society. The problem may be that solar power domestically, is outside the grid, not being profitable for the big energy companies. The same companies that so far have polluted and destroyed the environment in the name of progress, without thinking of the future in mind and only the immediate economic benefits. Despite these drawbacks I think in the new energy model the weight of domestic solar energy will be important that the opposition always interested in business as usual fails to manipulate the society.

Economic interests should never be ahead of the quality of life and well being. Decisions made now affect us all and not just the big energy companies. So it is essential that society become aware of the importance of promoting alternative energy more environmentally friendly they are also a source of wealth and job creation. In the midst of crisis governments and experts have agreed on the need to change the global economic model. But after initially overcome this crisis we forget all the good intentions. We continue with our way of life unsustainable. One way to approach the next major crisis.