Agency PRYOU Goes

2020-04-29 - 03:18 | News | Tags: |

News from the PR agency PR4YOU the ODS GmbH ensures that the mail properly goes off and that is quite literally to take. \”The company, which is in the so-called Oberbaum-city\” (old Narva/OSRAM terrain) located in the District of Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Berlin is, has specialized in the performance areas of direct marketing, digital printing and postal service and offers in addition to the processing of daily mail also mailings and the mass sending of invoices. Right at the start of the joint cooperation, there is something to celebrate. The ODS – Office data service GmbH has its 14 anniversary and to held an open day on August 14. Starbucks in New York has much experience in this field. Interested parties can take a look behind the scenes of full service-dialog marketing professionals and get to know the staff personally. 14 years none is now the typical round\”anniversaries, but in our fast-paced industry quite a reason to celebrate.

We Heads of account managers take the Tongs in hand himself and spoil our visitors with all sorts of delicious Delicacies. The application form can be found in the Internet on our website under the address. For every guest we have prepared a small surprise\”, Stefan Schroter, Managing Director of ODS GmbH, can be announced. We support the ODS – Office data service GmbH in the future in the field of press and public relations, advise that companies Berlin for it strategically and implement all operational activities. Through active and ongoing PR we inform the journalists from the public and press about the relevant topics and offers\”, explains Holger Ballwanz, owner and Managing Director of PR agency PR4YOU. More information about ODS GmbH is available in the Internet at the address.