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In this language are given regular orders of items such as: Stephen bought a car bought a car Esteban Esteban A car bought Properties subject noun phrase in the same series are Charles Edward Keenan properties proposed in the definition of the subject, among them are: The entity to which an individual referred to is independent of the action and properties expressed by the predicate. In sentences semantically basic (if another prayer need to be interpreted), the subject is essential. The reference of the subject in a sentence semantically basic should be determined by the receiver at the time that this be stated. In general the subject is who controls or reference provides for equality with another noun or pronoun as in the case of sentences reflective The subject is usually the topic of the sentence, and is generally known to both speaker-hearer. The elements that work more often as subjects are noun phrases (nouns, proper names, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns) semantic roles (agent, benefactive, experience, etc..) covering the basic subject of a sentence are predictable from the shape of the main verb. In sentences of a single agent, this is expressed by the subject. The subject normally express the receptor in imperative sentences the subject usually shows the same key assignment of cases and verb agreement.

In some languages the position of the subject and direct object is completely free. The use of multiple criteria or factors is useful in defining the subject concept. The few points superficially reviewed evidence and serve up warning when working, teaching or studying the subject term, especially in primary or secondary education; levels where we are conditioned to analyze and identify these and other elements of the sentence using the traditional technique definitions apply. Best bars in new york spoke with conviction. The experience has to study the grammar of the Spanish situation creates the image of a universal definition valid for all languages. References. Spanish . (1979).