Andalusian Parliament

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Eventually Julio Verne wrote: anything one man can imagine, other may do so. By what express before we could rephrase that thought by saying that: everything that a person can imagine, another already imagine it and even has already taken him or lo taking to the practice. And makes us that when more languages one can read, is more confirmed this assumption. But we are going to our place in the world, which is the Argentina in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, on the Western band of the Rio de La Plata. From the Spaniards, with its baggage that included the language of Cervantes, the promise of Galilee and Rome law, put your plants on what then America would be called, the peoples of these lands began to be influenced by the culture of the successive hegemonic powers.

And when we say culture or do in the wide sense of the term. It is striking to which addresses the study of traumatic encounter between the bearer of European culture and of those who were here from the origin, as the latter have resisted the occidentalizadores designs. The catalog of responses of resistance is broad. Even influences from pre-Columbian to the culture of the conquerors are supported. It is worth also consign – and we are aware that we complejizamos the communication, but we prefer it to risk of reductionism – that the same conquerors had deep cracks between them.

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