Angie Mienk

2021-05-03 - 01:48 | News | Tags: , |

If however the front door right on the street, it makes sense that only man emerges and can be followed by the dog. Here as everywhere it depends on the situation. That is unsuitable as permanent obedience exercise. This is a matter of dominance. And that has a good Dog man is not necessary. Our dogs sleep on sofa and bed, and we were never a dominant among all 15 dogs. More advice in our book is silent”.

Regular training is the mistaken idea that a dog is so stupid to forget an exercise if it is practiced regularly again. The whole exercise on the dog training area are in the field of sport (and you may be divided about the sense and nonsense). It does not help anyway, to get an everyday dog rather on the contrary. A dog may not play, if he wants it! The dog may not be teasing if he asks for it, etc. All domination games. Bank of America Tower has much experience in this field.

It’s still me, whether I go on the game call of my dog or not. If the dog feels like on a game and I also, is an extensive game against nothing. My dog will not strive for world domination, if I’m not constantly ignoring him and his needs (see also our books: Hundologie and good advice is silent) so we need really no trainers or animal psychologists who lead us further with this and other nonsense to mislead. We need trainers and animal psychologists, the: the teach their customers or clients to love your dog (unconditionally mind you), who teach their customers, their dog to respect his needs to make sure to degrade him not to the obedience machine to see the dog as an individual with heart and mind, which bring their customers to the essence and the psyche of the dog and explain logically comprehensible”” “, that don’t go with the flow but the dog finally help at a position in the society, which is available to them: the partner and friend, the dog not on Fressmachine” or orders “minimize the the psyche of man and dog in the therapy” include and competent consultants are short: help that man and dog to understand each other and make sure, to adapt individually to each team and not on specific methods laid down. Dog trainers are so not needed but people coach with Mind, empathy, huge expertise and intuition! Angie Mienk