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The recognition of the trajectories for these pupils, as protagonists of this historical process, can allow they multiple conditions it directs that it in the world where lives. Being thus, the understanding of a pedagogical trend that bases our interests of research, can be a way for the overcoming of practical disconnected of our professional context, therefore we know that all the chains if base on social movements, philosophical and antropolgicos, at the same time, they are associates to the conceptions of society, each one, in its perspective of ideal. The PHC, in this context, if unites perfectly in this educational perspective, when it searchs to rescue the values of the school, as form of reorganization of its spaces and the promotion of one human being practises conscientious of the action. Notes: 1 This pedagogia is tax of the conception dialectic, specifically in the version of the historical materialism, having strong affinities, in what to be relates to its psychological bases, with the description-cultural psychology developed by ' ' School of Vigotski' '. The education is understood as act to produce, direct intentionally, in each singular individual, the humanity who is produced historical and collectively for the set of the men. In other terms, this means that the education is understood as mediation in the social practical seio of the global one. Practical the social one if puts, therefore, as the starting point and the practical point of fond of the educative one. From there it elapses a pedagogical method that have left of practical the social one where professor and pupil if find equally inserted, occupying, however, distinct positions, condition so that they stop a fruitful relation in the understanding and guiding of the solution of the problems ranks for practical the social one, fitting to the intermediate moments of the method to identify the questions excited for practical the social one (problematizao), to make use the instruments theoretical and practical for its understanding and solution (instrumentation) and to make possible its incorporation as integrant elements of the proper life of the pupils (catarse).

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