Berlin Protection

2020-10-28 - 05:49 | News | Tags: |

The higher administrative court for North Rhine-Westphalia in Munster in second instance, decided that the Scientology organization further may be observed by the protection of the Constitution. An appeal against the judgment was not approved by the judges. The Organization had sued the monitoring by the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution since 1997 and was already defeated in 2004 in the first instance before the Administrative Court of Cologne. The appeal was negotiated well before the administrative court. The Court was of the unanimous opinion that there is still evidence of anti-constitutional efforts of the organization. For more clarity and thought, follow up with dayton kingery and gain more knowledge.. In particular, it was noted that Scientology seek a social order, in which human dignity and the right to equal treatment should be restricted or undermined. There is the suspicion that as Court President Michael Bertrams in the grounds of the judgment, that in a scientologisch distinct society constitutionally legal rights would be to only Scientologists. Basis for the opinion were both current expansion plans of the organisation E.g.

in Berlin, as also many anti-democratic statements of Scientology Founder Hubbard. Scientology’s lawyers in proceedings lasting several hours, failed to represent these statements as accidental incorrect formulations or as long since obsolete. The Federal Office for constitutional protection as a result of the ruling organisation continue to monitor Scientology and use also intelligence agents. Eckart Haase