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More than 20 million tourists annually visit Berlin – is undiminished interest in sightseeing tours Berlin the city of Berlin was a giant. The memory of the building of the wall in 1961 show this again. Klaus Wieland Klaser said. Kamel is CEO of the Berlin City tours sightseeing tours.” The worldwide coverage of the border fortification system in Berlin have again reinforced interest in the German capital. “Kamel recalled that approximately 20 million guests as tourists in Berlin would have stayed in the year 2010 alone: continuously, there is great interest in the history of the metropolis.” The popularity of professionally designed tours is show as well as with Berlin City Tour”sightseeing tours. Visitors discovered Berlin on their own or in a hired coach. Panorama – minibuses or minivans were in use. Starting points are the airports or the impressive Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Tourists started from their hotels, made photo – or shopping. Multilingual city guide “Kamel: we easily overcome language barriers.” “His companies employ multi-lingual City Guide: the special ability of the Guide, entertaining to share their knowledge of the city belongs to the competence.” Klaus Wieland Klaser replied in the affirmative the educational claims that he saw more, know more. The applies for the Reichstag building, built between 1884 and 1894, as well as for the legendary until 1873 built Berlin victory column or the new Chancellor’s Office, obtained in 2001. “” Klaus Wieland Klaser: Berlin history and Berlin stories arise in the small “Berlin City tours sightseeing tours” by no means renounce the insights into the everyday world city tours and sightseeing. While the year interesting Klaser turned against the impression world cities such as Berlin would be subject to outside of the summer and autumn months of sadness.

Although steamer journeys for example over the Spree mostly from early spring to October one year were attractive,. worthwhile later in the year on the Christmas market in Berlin Charlottenburg Palace atmospheric lights tours with mulled wine stops. “Klaus Wieland Klaser: the 1.3 kilometre long preserved wall piece of the East Side Gallery has however throughout the year oppressive.” “Many visitors prefer Berlin City tours sightseeing tours” to book city tours. They renounced the great overview that they no longer needed. Rather be located at small snippets of a town them, the size of which corresponds to one-third of the area of the Saarland. “Kamel: you must always make sure what needs of Berlin bring visitors.” Sure, Klaus Wieland Klasers company Berlin City tours set up sightseeing tours”exactly one.