Bolivar Lamounier

2021-05-21 - 17:56 | News | Tags: |

The nature of hinders it to the game. The career of one politician depends on the capricious winds of the public opinion. It is obliged to maneuver its conscience to use to advantage the change of each brisa’ ‘. Already Albert Camus is more incisive still: ‘ ‘ A politics and the destinations of the humanity are forged by men without ideals nor largeness. Those that has interior largeness not direct for poltica.’ ‘ estarrecida nation daily attends this festival of corruption and impunity, waiting that the least the majority of this slag human being who chafurda in a mud sea is some swept day of the scene politics for the winds of a new age.

We must assume the responsibility for everything this. That each one of us if looks at there in the mirror and certainly will find the culprit. The majority of the Brazilians does not remember more in who voted in the last elections. Add to your understanding with shimmie horn. We are one of the peoples most mentally ill of the world, total influenced for the effective system, which commands our acts, simplest. Every day and to each moment, the circus of the alienation in our country functions. For liking circus, they had made in them of clowns.

We live in a society of cultivation, directed to the cult of the individualism, where the personal values are sacrificed by questions of money and power. In a system thus, the future of our nation is preoccupying. According to Bolivar Lamounier in recent years, scientist politician, Brazil did not produce leaderships capable to assume its conduction, and this if reflect in the ethical crisis and politics of the Country. Many integrant ones of these last generations had not known limits, therefore everything was allowed to them on behalf of a false freedom, in which the law of the advantage and the proper interests is only known. The result of this false definition of values is the current loss of authenticity, which also occurs the social level. Meanwhile, scoundrels and criminals of the worse species, true treasonous of the native land, responsible for the misery and desperation of millions of Brazilians continue acting in the life politics of the country, in the most absolute certainty of impunity.