Brandenburg Gate

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How you love shirt even his personal I instantly no matter where you go, they are everywhere. One finds in New York in times square, in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, in Paris on the Champs-Elysees, in Rio on Copacabana beach, in Tokyo on the Shibuya crossing, in Munich at the Stachus in Shanghai on Nanjing Road or in Sydney at the Opera. I love shirts are everywhere and have always the same meaning and purpose: the personal love for a certain city, a country, a certain person or a subject to do. The world famous T-Shirt with the simple and yet so concise print is today with one of the most popular and best-selling garments of this world. To get her mostly in souvenir shops, but now you can also create the T-Shirts and within a few days to send home. While you had to work earlier with pesky transfer films, on which the desired motif was printed and which you then laboriously wore on with the iron, you can now very professional manner as many T-Shirt print you can without any trouble. The big advantage of online technology available is that you have access to the collective creativity of thousands of designers all over the world. Even the little talented can also be personalised garment design so not only 100% is individual, but also his own corresponds.

Especially as gifts, the T-Shirt are especially because today not only white T-Shirts can be printed differently than in the past, but also Polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, bags, scarves, skirts, trousers, button or jerseys. There is something and who attaches particularly great importance to brand clothes from pretty much any occasion, also comes at his own expense, because you can now design the. There are now a whole series of excellent providers. However me until now still no company about the way gone, that with the same professionalism specifically on I love shirts or I (heart) Shirts are specialized as the troop of Their shop offers an incredibly wide range of over 100 different products, as well as the possibility of also using the usual “I love” motifs, several thousand designs right for everyone to choose from.

But as I said before, is the classic “I love shirt” to their core competencies. Offer a wide selection of popular variations of the classic and use also the original “American typewriter” font. This gives the final product also the necessary authenticity. So far I have had as well as known from only positive experiences with Questions is also always a competent and friendly contact person available, so even extremely rare problems could be solved quickly and carefully. But in the end, this must decide every man for himself. Surf easy times over and form your own opinion! -Peter Forster is fashion designer and columnist for a leading fashion magazine and lives together with his family in Munich.