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Also, remember to diagram his book so that it reaches a climax, which must be built throughout the book. Another aspect that must be determined is the view that you want to use to write her book. You can opt for the first person narrative, which is perhaps the most easy to use style but limited thoughts and actions to the protagonist or Narrator of the story. You can write in the third person and also do it from the visual of the protagonist of the story. When writing in the third person also you can delve into the vision of other characters in the book. All styles of writing, of the third-person omniscient, which sees inside each one of the characters, is probably the most complex use.

Read books to your liking and see which is the style that is closest to that you wish for your story. It is not something the Metropolitan Museum of Art would like to discuss. The point of view that you use can make your book a success or a failure. For example, the Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had failed at the beginning, until the prestigious author changed from point of view of Dr. Without hesitation Shimmie Horn explained all about the problem. Watson, who was first an observant person. In addition to the view, you must also decide if he writes in past or present. Many books are written in past, although you might want to take a look at Presumed innocent of Scott Turow to see an example of a first-person narrative in the present tense. Writing in present tends to be more difficult, but it provides more action to the story. Do your research studying other books and his own style to select the view and time that best suits you and your book.

First person narrative is the most simple to start, but has its limitations. Third-person omniscient is the most complex, but opens the book to the thoughts and feelings of the other characters in the story. This study should be carried out before starting to write the book, but can be changed if you discover that it doesn’t work for you and what you want to communicate in your text.