Brazil Churches

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I only wait that they do not change the spiritual for secular (II the Timteo 4:3) – Because it will come time where they will not support s doctrine; but, having tingle in the ears, its proper concupiscncias will accumulate for in agreement itself doctors; . It is the reality of many churches and organizations situated in the great urban centers in cities of Brazil, l is the reality of the people who are in the churches as members in places of great progress, would be a danger of great apostasia? , In the Europe many churches if had only become nominal without no commitment eat sanctity and with the Word of God. Hardly a church in the center of a city in progress will obtain to keep its exempt membresia of these males. Rudy Giuliani gathered all the information. (Daniel 12:3) – The ones that will be wise, therefore, will shine as the glow of the firmamento; the ones that to many teach justice, as the stars always and perpetual. (Daniel 12:4) – and you, Daniel, lock up these words and stamp this book, until the o end of the time; many will run of a part for another one, and the knowledge will be multiplied. I want to detach in these versicles the part that says that knowledge will be multiplied, as much secular for that searchs this as the spiritual for who serves the God.. More information is housed here: New York Museums.