Carlos Castaneda

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I In accordance with the description of the magical world as presented by Carlos Castaneda, recapitulation technique is one of the cornerstones of the transformation of man. Summarized the concepts associated with the recapitulation. All people divided into stalkers and dreamers. On this basis, for each category is a key technology that promotes the cardinal energy transformation. According to Florinda Matus "recapitulation is the main force stalkers, as well as dreaming body is a force for the dreamer. " The need for a recapitulation was the result of discoveries of magicians, made as a result of vision. Don Juan said: "The sorcerers of ancient Mexico saw that the whole The universe consists of energy fields in the form of luminous filaments, these energy fields are structured in the streams of luminous fibers, threads, which are permanent, eternal forces of the universe. Magee named stream or jet threads related to the recapitulation, the Dark Sea of awareness, or Eagle. He said that even wizards have found out – every living creature in the universe is attached to the dark sea of awareness round light spot, which was noticeable when these creatures were perceived as the energy at the time of death, the Eagle, is absorbed through the assemblage point to the realization of living beings. They also saw that the dark sea of awareness for a moment, hesitates when he met with mages who performed retelling of his life Magee discovered the truth about the tremendous power of the universe: dark sea of awareness need only our life experiences, not our life force.