Central America Tourism Agency

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Central America complements its sustainable by nature air. -CATA and the airline nature air sign cooperation. -Association of the advertising campaigns for the benefit of sustainable development in Central America. Madrid, 13 May 2010 – on April 23, 2010 confirmed the Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) and the airline nature air from Costa Rica, a one-year cooperation. The purpose of this agreement is to establish Central America as a versatile destination, with sustainable tourism on the five main European markets in Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy and France. “For this are numerous joint advertising campaigns under the brand name CENTROAMERICA, tan pequena…Tan grande…” started.

The agreement includes nature air’s participation in major trade fairs in Europe, where CATA will be issuing informative brochures about the airline, as well as distribute. Also called material for training courses and conferences for tour operators or the European press, with mail of travel agencies and tour operators is be available to promote the tourist attractions of the region. The logo of nature air is up-to-date on the Web pages and cata.visitcentroamerica.com, both tourists and the tourism industry online about the offers and destinations of the airline will inform. In addition, nature air offers airline tickets to support press trips and Famtrips to Central America. This well-known, as well as the latest news of the sector be touted also tourist attractions. To support the advertising campaigns, CATA will receive 10 airline tickets to attend events. Nature air is the first airline that emissions of flights makes up for 100% of CO2 since 2004, making it the first, neutral airline in the world. In addition, introduced a range of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as increasing the efficiency of the fuel by 7% since 2001.

But the airline compensated not only exhaust, it gives the communities affected by the flight paths at the same time socio-economic benefits. Through the creation of charitable foundation Naturekids in Costa Rica, nature air supports families with weak purchasing power by means of environmental education programs and English courses on the road to independence. Central America has, CATA, signed agreement with nature air, as it previously happened between nature air and Rainforest Alliance. Thus, nature air aims the strategy to continue a sustainable development and public relations, respect to the region, to preserve nature and traditions, as well as to create jobs locally.