Changing Accounts Can Be An Improvement

2015-08-02 - 03:18 | News | Tags: |

The current account change, most bank customers only, for two reasons: because of relocation can be with his recent, locally active bank will not go, or you are totally unhappy because one was ill-advised, paying high bank charges or have to pay royalties for cash withdrawals. Who on the topic of good current accounts then rubs, because he is looking for a better account, which gets some sellers now even a starting credit when opening a bank account. What has long been common practice in call money, to reward new customers with a starting balance for the change is in the current account in 2007, really come into vogue.

Currently you get 50, – EUR starting balance at the opening of a Commerzbank current account – just as there are also starting balances with other banks for opening a checking account. Opening a checking account is now quite simple: online information, preferably where you familiar with free checking accounts (you do not want yet another checking account, where you Fees must be paid) and then open up online via the website or the ordering of the provider (bank) account. Then usually follows an audit by mail identification process (that is practical, fast and safe from everything) and then you have a few days a new, hopefully royalty current account – maybe even a checking account with a starting balance. The change of the current account, while providing a bit of work (standing orders must be entered in the new rule, while debit authorizations (debit) often can be automatically accepted. The change is worthwhile, but especially in the long run and is recommended in any case.