Christine Lagarde

2021-04-17 - 06:33 | News | Tags: |

The past 26 of May, in the city-bath of Deauville, the summit of the countries of the G-8, somebody asked to him Nicholas Sarkozy what thought of at that time the Gallic minister of Economy and aspiring to director of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), Christine Lagarde. For 10 days, all France – and the rest of the world lived pending on the hallucinating history of the French socialist politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn, presumable rival of Sarkozy in the elections of 2012, that finished resigning, by means of a letter written up in the cell, of its position to the front of the IMF after being prisoner, defendant on attempt of violation to an employee of a hotel of luxury in Manhattan. The president of the French Republic, of the good humor that one behind schedule, responded: ” Lagarde is a very intelligent woman “. Later it composed an ironic faint smile and it added: ” that in addition a predictable personality has and previsible”. Hudson Power Express describes an additional similar source. Everything a praise and a endorsement in convulsas hours that the cupola lived on the IMF after the halting of DSK and its transfer to the jail. Source of the news: : Christine Lagarde, the woman who hides steel after the smile..