Cobra Versions 2011 Coming Soon Available

2014-12-11 - 21:04 | News | Tags: , |

Cobra as a manufacturer of CRM software puts the focus more on the individuality of the customer and is drop – manage clearer and more user-friendly – map – find. Each company is his own King in the discipline of data – and document management: only the employees know about different demands, in-house specifications and priority hierarchy into the daily workflow with their customer data and related documents. This individuality of each customer reflects the Konstanz CRM pioneer cobra in its new versions and provides features for free, adressunabhangigen table design and even more options for document archiving in addition to many other innovations. Clearer, more user-friendly and with a focus on developing document archiving in cobra itself and with cooperation partners”, so cobra Managing Director Jurgen Litz 2011 summarizes the highlights of the new versions. New features provide the user with more freedoms and opportunities at the Management of customer and address data. So additional free also adressunabhangige tables can be created, which in turn are linked to other tables. Also complex interrelationships, for example, in the real-estate and leasing sectors, can be accurately depict so-called relationship fields.

Is available, quickly and clearly what was discussed with interested parties or investor when registering the contact person of the relevant renovation or repair operation with questions. This means also a competent visibility in addition to a significant time savings. Because CRM combines business processes, to reach employees and technologies – to a single goal: to attract the customers and to keep permanently. In the 2011 version has cobra all software solutions equipped with a variety of templates and standards, what emerges as a useful and time-saving for recurring work. Users already familiar with the numerous choice of sample reports and graphs from the cobra reporting. The PRO version now also provides in the rebuilding of Records templates to use on.