Convincia Human Being

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THE ETHICS AND THE CONVIVNCIA HUMAN BEING The ethics are part of the existence human being, without it the human beings would not coexist socially. The ethics in the aid to perceive what he is good and bad, correct and incorrect, just and unjust, adjusted and inadequate; being thus, the great objective of the ethics is to search the rules of the good convivncia of the human being next to the society. In other words: the great characteristic of the ethics is the reflection on the action and the behavior human being. We coexist certain modismo and until a species of ' status' in relation to the ethics and this dimension if losing the essence of the ethics and its importance for the convivncia human being. Looking at for the history of the humanity, we perceive that since the times of the old Greeks, it had an interest of the citizens to understand what she was ethical and took them to this to coexist harmoniously. However, in transcorrer of the time, mainly with the outcry of the wars and it disputes of the power make with that the ethics are in second plan. For more specific information, check out Chief Keef. This behavior brings maleficent effect, mainly when the war becomes solution; it is enough to analyze the context of First and World War II, of the Concentration camps, the consequences of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nakasaki and as much other conflicts that involve countries. These maleficent effect of the conflicts take to understand them it that the retaken one of the concepts and the experience of the ethics is urgent.

We live in Brazil and in it we must concentrate our reflections, are they those of national repercussion or next to our reality. In this dimension we must reflect regarding the paper of the medias in our country. Professor Pedrinho Guareschi, in its book Critical Sociology, presents many arguments that demonstrate the lack of ethics of the medias in our country. Who withholds to be able, mainly in the media, that has its code of ethics and behavior, does not have to abuse this power, therefore as great ' formadores of opinion and even of valores' , they must exert ethics and cannot play in the garbage its codes of ethics. We know that the perfection does not exist, but the conscientious citizens and that observe that ' crises existem' , they cannot forget the ethics.

All need to believe that it is possible to coexist of harmonic form and a safe way for its efetivao is for the ethics. E, exactly that let us live in difficult times for the social convivncia, we cannot leave to glimpse mainly that the new times will arrive, for the rescue of the ethics. The great Greek philosopher Aristotle affirmed that the human being only can be happy when it develops and it uses all its capacity and when it lives with balance; in other words the philosopher of old Greece in the alert one that for it only lives deeply of the ethics we will be able to have a happy life and a good social convivncia.