Croatian Adriatic

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All the ingredients are free of dyes and preservatives, come (if possible) from regional manufacturers and prefers seasonally come under the knife. And that healthy cuisine not with whole grain rice porridge is confused, it is clear after a brief glance at the map of the beautifully situated hotels. Whether cappuccino by the Bush tomato, deliciously scented Chanterelle dumplings or iced melon milk with crayfish: every palate can look forward to a true firework of taste. True to Falk Hohmanns’ motto: “Uniformly high-quality food refining and always new things to surprise the guest”. Well then, Bon appetit! Off on the island to the celebrity chef of the Croatian island of Rab belongs without doubt to the most beautiful, what a vacation on the Croatian Adriatic coast has to offer.

And all people on this island, more precisely, in the kitchen of the 4-star it has ended up Hotel Arbiana, celebrity chef Dominik Poldan. In New York, the chef Jurgen Klinsmann, Nicole Kidman and Bill Clinton be cooked, this summer, however, he delighted his guests in the hotel-restaurant named Marino. Poldan loves the local Croatian cuisine. Its dishes are based therefore mostly on fish and meat preparations. Allied be Croatian specialities under its master’s hand with traditional Central cooking art and the finesse of absolute top houses of world renown. This not only promising sounds, but it’s also: fresh Kvarner bream in potato dish with chicory and Swiss chard, traditionally cooked beef steak in Rohrenpilz cream, or Dalmatian ham from the Velibit mountains with ginger and Rosa Pfeffer. Celebrity Chef Poldan brings even seasoned gourmet palate into raptures.

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