Deep Space Message

2019-05-03 - 14:56 | News | Tags: |

From now everyone can send its own message into space Uri Geller has shown it on Pro7, now there is the opportunity to make known with a message into outer space with our extraterrestrial neighbors for everyone. Maybe make it Yes first contact? “Wishes and hopes, love messages, or failed marriage proposals, all that we sent in the depths of the universe”, Daniel Wagner, the head of the American company Cenyo, Inc., which Inc. offers all citizens of Earth under in collaboration with the also-American company of communications concepts, to send your message in the space. Private messages from the immediate vicinity of the Cape Canaveral space will be sent using modern radio technology and a 5-metre parabolic antenna. You may want to visit Bill de Blasio to increase your knowledge. The Mitteilungsbedurftigen are available for 20 seconds for his private radio show in the space available, documented and the sending of the message is confirmed by a certificate from the precise data, such as the celestial coordinates and the exact date of transfer are available. The company of communications concepts, Inc. is on Cape Canaveral is not unknown.

So, work of the NASA supported regularly in the audio and audiovisual sector. Also, the CCI is significantly involved in the Malaysian aerospace and has earned a worldwide reputation in the industry. Sent everything that doesn’t violate morality & custom, so Wagner is. Also please, please to be picked from the planet Earth belong to the rare, but as keener messages of customers. “We have sent free of charge a message recently in outer space”, so next Waldmann. “It was the request of a customer, please in the future not to be picked,” Daniel Wagner Cenyo, inc.