2019-01-01 - 13:11 | News |

The human being is a too complex structure to try to meet her in their entirety. Despite the after centuries of history of mankind, the inhabitants of planet Earth, we are still perfect strangers, both for ourselves and for the rest of our fellow species members. On many occasions we do things so rare, we have some very strange behavior and we can think of ideas as absurd, as if beings from other galaxies were not watching (maybe make it), would be absolutely astounded that come and we are sure they would say at a minimum: but what bartkowiak are these earthlings! Although in all likelihood, more secure critics think, really what are the people of the Earth, is ones eternal dissatisfied and above all some messed up selfish, that we are never happy with anything and always want more, and even, that we are able to trample on us and even kill each other just to get everything what we intend to satisfy our boundless ambition. The above, It could be called a hubris, but the reality is that he has absolutely nothing surprising, when one day Yes, another also, we see people (?) whose only thought in your life is to have increasingly more and more, and don’t talk only about money, we mean more than everything in general. There are many carpetbaggers beings, that despite having achieved true greed with everything that has been proposed, always want to continue filling your saca, nothing seems enough, but at the end they are the main victims of their own selfishness, since at no time are able to reach a State of ideal life that can reach the happiness, in whole, or in part. It is unknown why, at the same time which is very difficult to understand, the fact that there is people that enjoy an enviable social position, working at something that satisfies him fully, with which the labour activity is transformed in a pleasure and not a torture, which also found to his partner (something at leastextremely difficult in these times in which he lives at breakneck speed, and there is little time to relate, and much less to be understood), and if a sufficiently high economic level we add to the above, for a pleasant, with certain luxuries and privileges and in addition to all life, and this is the most important thing, there are people who enjoy an enviable health status why hell aren’t happy? On the opposite end (and hence the inexplicable rarity that envelops the inhabitants of our planet), are those who have virtually no nothing, but despite this, yes they are completely happy, and that they have to overcome daily all kinds of vicissitudes.