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Midtown Manhattan is the largest business district in the United States.
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New York City is a link to global trade and international business, and is one of the nerve centers of the global economy (along with Paris, London and Tokyo). The city is one of the main centers finance, insurance, real estate, media and arts of the United States. Its metropolitan area has a Gross Metropolitan Product (GDP similar to an index but located in an urban area) of $ 952.6 billion in 2005, the largest regional economy in the U.S. The economy of the city has the bulk of economic activity in the states of New York and New Jersey . Many major corporations are based in the city, including 44 companies of the 500 richest, according to Fortune magazine. New York is highlighted in EE. UU. for its large number of foreign companies. One in ten jobs in the private sector is offered by a foreign company.
The Empire State is one of the major icons of the city.
The GDP of New York is (in 2001) to 826,488 million U.S. dollars, 8.2% of the national total. From New York to be an independent country, would be one of the top 15 economies in the world.
New York also has some of the world’s most . The number of 450 Park Avenue was sold on July 2, 2005 by $ 510 million, or $ 17.104/m