Eduardo Hoornaert

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It had a previous attempt of invasion in the Bahia, in 1624, where if it assumes have carried through a cult in the capitnea ship to the plaza. But the dutches without had exactly firmed in Pernambuco, extending its domain for the Paraba and other parts northeast. The dutch protestants had remained north-eastern, hosted in Recife, during 24 years, being eight of them under the government of Joo Mauricio de Nassau (1604-1679) that, beyond consolidating the domain, the city embelezou, fortified commerce according to intentions of the Company of Occidental India. The dutches had been worried primordially about the evangelizao of the indians and had provided, to facilitate this task, soon catecismo trilingi-tupi, dutch and Portuguese-that, sent to be printed matter in Holland, she finished not she knows well because, for not being used. However, as the historian registers catholic Eduardo Hoornaert: ' ' although the events politicians to have soon interrupted the workmanship missionary of the predicantes, we have historical tests of that, exactly after the expulsion of the dutches of Brazil, certain calvinistas slight knowledge had been deeply arraigadas in the minds of the indians. It is clarified that predicantes it was the heading given to the shepherds holandeses' '. (HOORNAERT, 1977.p.140). The DEFINITIVE ARRIVAL OF the PROTESTANTISMO the definitive establishment of the Methodists in Brazil was given in the year of 1876, when the Rev.John J.Ranson established, in Rio De Janeiro, a church with six people.

After the Methodists, had come the congregacionais, and soon after the group protestant if to install in Brazil had been the presbiterianos. The TIME OF the PRESBITERIANOS With the arrival of the missionary, Rev.Ashbel Green Simonton, to Rio De Janeiro, in 12 of August de1859. This date is plus a symbolism, because, in fact, the first Presbiteriana Church in Brazil was in January of 1862, in the capital of the Empire, with the enrollment of three members.