Ei Alex Joseph

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A sultry whisper in the room was listened to. – For favor, they do not go. The whispers continued but they went increasing little Joseph it was arisen and it been looking at for the room in the direction of the bed of Alex, was of there that they came the whispers already was the second night that this happened. – For favor.please.NOT! – Ei Alex what that you happening? What you have face? Alex opened its eyes, it recognized the room where it was and also recognized Joseph and its worried look looking at for it in the penumbra of the room.

It did not seem nothing with the place that was in its dream a cemetary. It was remembering the burial of its parents, two days before its uncle playing in the street. – Nothing you forgive Joseph you made to wake up of new you forgive me. It said abated trying to express a smile, he looked it to Joseph intent and long after to this he caught it Joseph for the arms he took and it for it are of the room were I descend the stairs when Alex asked: – For where we are going Joseph? You are two of the morning case you have not perceived still this dark one and ….. Alex was interrupted when Joseph it opened the door of the kitchen that gave for the patio. Alex had forgotten as the London nocturnal sky was beautiful. – It comes with migo, I go to show to mine ‘ to you; ‘ place secreto’ ‘. Joseph started to walk for one old stairs Alex fire followed it Joseph intently went up on of a garbage brass and pulled the stairs for low so that they could go up. – We go goes to have that to go up, or you have fear? Joseph in sarcastic tone said.