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Yes, and I think we should not be afraid to say "need". Faith may be starting first with the recognition of the limits which we live, the inability to extricate himself, needing someone to come to our rescue. And if the psalms say continually, "God be my helper," "God come to my rescue," "Shoot me of the abyss, the lion's mouth", etc.., Perhaps because first approach is to first cry to someone who can help us. GM Yes, but at the same time, the mask that covers all crumbles, we become vulnerable, is it possible to live without a mask? A. I think so. When someone is leaning on walks with us in life, there is no need to always have a mask that protects us from what we can send out, because the force that lives in weakness – it joins a little of what St. Paul says – is the engine of life.

It is deeper than all the masks and it will be free. It's like a spine, we do not need armor. You become more flexible! GM This process does not dig it so much desire to live that might be hidden, or was perhaps not very noticeable? A. This desire is what is deepest in man, God has placed in us by creating us and it will be able to gradually emerge. This leads to the discovery of the Father, but here we need the presence of someone who helps them discover the path of faith, because it does not just happen; transmission is necessary.