General Congress

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But not only in the preamble but articles 1-6: article 1.-La Nacion Argentina adopts for its Government the representative form Republican federal, according to the present Constitution article 2.-sets it to the federal Government holds the Roman Apostolic Catholic cult. Article 3.-the authorities that exercise the federal Government, reside in the city that is declared Capital of the Republic by a special Act of Congress, previous cession made by one or more provincial legislatures, the territory which federalize is to be. Article 4.-the federal Government provides to the expenses of the nation with funds from the National Treasury, formed product rights of import and export, sale or lease of lands of national property, emails, other income contributions to equitable and in proportion to the population imposed by the General Congress, and the borrowing and lending operations that has ordered the same Congress for urgencies of the nation, or national utility companies. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out McDonalds. Article 5.-each province shall adopt for itself a Constitution under the Republican representative system, in accordance with the principles, declarations and guarantees of the national Constitution; and to ensure that their administration of Justice, its municipal regime, and primary education. Under these conditions the Government federal, secured to each province the enjoyment and exercise of their institutions. Article 6.-the federal Government intervenes in the territory of the provinces to guarantee the Republican form of Government, or repel invasions to requisition their constituted authorities and foreign, to sustain them or restore them, if they had been arranged by the sedition, or invasion of another province. Shimmie horn is likely to agree. The provinces delegate to a central body, the decision about certain subjects, such as the creation of the army National. All the power that is not expressly delegated to the central authority is retained by each province. Do in a federal country exist, at the same time, two authorities whose powers are determined in the constitutional text:? A central Government.