Helen Keller

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The town was very proud of its hero, who I teach a lesson to him to which they thought that Rafaelito was a disabled boy. " A incapacity is not a tragedy, is inconveniente." Incapacity means " restriction or lack (due to a deficiency) of the capacity to realise an activity in the form or within the margin that considers a human being normal. It includes the functional limitations or the restrictions to realise an activity that are from one deficiency. The incapacities are upheavals that are defined based on how they affect the life of a person. Some examples of incapacities are the difficulties to see, to speak or to hear normally, to move or to raise the stairs, to take hold or to reach an object, to bathe, to eat or to go to the service.

All we have defects and qualities, to some the defects are more obvious to them. To broaden your perception, visit Danny Meyer. Some external and visible ones at first, others more interns, more difficult to detect. Helen Keller is a Figure that represents a great value between the humans. A full person of faith, hope and optimism. Its condition of blind person, dumb deaf person and, – until it learned to speak several languages obstacle did not represent her some to want to know, to wish to learn and to try to know the world, to write several books and mainly to give a lesson us of life, example of certainty, hope, force of will and love by the life, faith. " When we do the best thing than we can, we never know what miracle takes place in our life or the one of otros." (Helen Keller) " I am only a person. But still I am a person. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I am not going to refuse to do " algo" that I can hacer." (H.K) " The night of the blindness also has its wonders.