Holy Book

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The first basic law of humanity was born and began the evil of all evils. This religion that arose from the old testament of the Bible first, began to split in three directions and the two New wrote her own will, without notary and the deceased. (Similarly see: travel writing). In fairness it must be said, knew at the time none of his birth in Africa and thus also not about somehow belong together and the one from the other is causally dependent on. No one had any idea of a big bang and the birth of the universe. They lived not more that is still completely unproven on a disc, after their narrow minds, similar to how we sit on this big bang today, on a theory. Our scientists, particularly archaeologists, delighted talk about civilizations that existed many time ago, yes they could see even the stars and the Moon and its palaces, mausoleums and pyramids, basically everything lined up after that and built what they at night lying saw on his back in the sky. Even began to build up in this direction and stopped to hide in caves. Legitimately one must say that one part again of the Stuttgart railway station building, underground and tunnel construction, thanks to tunnel boring machines, is lost.

Back to the origins of religions. Basically, so the first Bible or also “Holy Book”, which is also always sacred and not Holy, as a guide for today in addition to existing religions, Islam, Christianity and traditional Judaism today, and with growing identity to the prerogative of them God fight, served on is the easiest and may become subject of the Earth. You mobilize everything possible to win this war. The domination of a submissive planet. There is hope that there is an intelligence in the universe and stop these shenanigans. The destruction of the planet Earth would have consequences for our solar system, and last but not least for the whole universe.