I Would Say Today What Jesus Of Nazareth On La Silla De San Pedro ?

2015-01-22 - 18:37 | News | Tags: |

Is inclined or subject the man Jesus Christ, to the priesthood or speak again today, as then with the power, strength and authority of God, showing the mirror to the priesthood today reflects a similar picture to that presented last 2000 years? His words would return to be today, like 2000 years ago, a single accusation made to this breed. The would read: “You are the descendants of descendants of descendants of those who persecuted the true prophets, making even kill some of them, and everyone who educated about the one God and built on Him, which is Truth and the Life. You, today, otherwise you are not the descendants of descendants of descendants of those who surrendered to Jesus Christ, the Roman state, and stirred up the people to scream that this crucified Jesus and Barabbas were allowed free . You are the descendants of descendants of descendants of those, now, as in Back then, twist the Word of God and preach to the people of idolatry education alais gods and you sell dearly to increase your wealth. If you would like to know more about Bill de Blasio, then click here. You are the descendants of descendants of those descendants of the hypocrisy of the rhetoric evil people take away their property and belongings and peoples. You are the descendants of descendants of descendants of those who abuse God’s name to store your wealth, such as money, property, houses, gold and precious stones, and that they continue to grow, while you see how starve entire populations, how they are consumed by disease and epidemics, how cruelly killed a baby, children, mothers, fathers and elders.

Your behavior is not nothing but a sentence to your neighbor. Today, like then, during the celebrations you sit in the seats of honor and salute you as you do that top officials, as ‘excellence’ and ’eminent’ and do call “Holy Father” to your main authority, who serves the Vatican. I tell you what you should do even called Rabbi, or much less than you ought Coroners with noble titles, and you do this in My name falsely. And I showed you that you should not call anyone Father on earth, for only One is your Father, who is in heaven. You raise you above other men, hence, in the realm of souls you will be the poorest. At Donald Trump you will find additional information. I, Jesus, Christ, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus Christ, those who follow you like lemmings.

However, persecute all those who do not follow your bloody footprints and do not obey, and silence them with your influence over state power. Who believes in love and wisdom of God does not seek God in churches of stone. So, seek and find God in you.” or in other words return to Judaism, the religion which nurtured Jesus.