Imagine Oil Massage

2022-02-24 - 22:26 | News | Tags: |

At the end of February I arrived in Anapa on business. Neither you snow, nor thine opposing Moscow frown Rain! Mood nekomandirovochnoe must say at once that my affairs have been associated with the Center for healing and rejuvenation man, "chip" which, in particular, is a modern interpretation of the achievements of Ayurvedic medicine and the Su Jok therapy. So I certainly could not deny myself to try these techniques on themselves. I arrived, however, only three days. But something, and during that time managed: two oil ayurvedic massage – Udvartana and Abhyanga, honey massage as a spa and three sessions of Su Jok therapy.

This article focuses on the first three procedures. Ayurvedic massage – a unique massage based on the work of deep soft tissue – skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and internal organs. As a result of active stimulation of blood and lymph body begins to actively get rid of toxins. Oil massage is one of the main therapies of Ayurveda – the ancient Indian system of natural healing. Jim halpert takes a slightly different approach. During the procedure, using special massage techniques to the skin is rubbed with vegetable oil with herbs. This, in particular, distinguishes the ayurvedic massage from a Thai or Chinese massage, in which the oil is not applied. Ayurvedic massage – it's not just a spa treatment. Local cosmetic effect is certainly evident, but even more valuable complex healing effect on the body by healing the composition of drugs, creams and oils applied to the skin. Therefore, oil massage are an integral part of Rasayana – Rejuvenation of the body, based on an integrated approach, including detoxification, massages, taking various herbal medicines, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.