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More information about the 10 series ‘ receives you see 10. The series is also available as a download exclusively at. Notes for Editors list the tracks JUNO 4 12 “A. just an illusion (Lindstrom dub) B1. Just an illusion (Lindstrom vocal remix) B2. Just an illusion (original 1982 version) JUNO 4R 12 “A.

Burnin’ up (Dim’s red bus re-dub mix) B1. Burnin’ up (Dim’s 80’s re-stretch mix) B2. Burnin’ up (original 1981 version) JUNO 4 CD CD single just an illusion (Lindstrom remix vocal) just an illusion (Lindstrom dub) Burnin’ up (Dim’s 80’s re-stretch mix) Burnin’ up (Dim’s red bus re-dub mix) just an illusion (original 1982 version) Burnin’ up (original 1981 version) Dimitri from Paris Dimitri from Paris is a DJ, producer and remixer of highest standards and also a stylish snake hip, pin-up ‘ with French reserve. All in all, Dimitri has two distinct sides: an undeniable dandy and a devoted dance music fanatics. In February 2005, the French Government with the very official has him Rank Knight of the arts and letters award. In addition to air and Cassius, he was one of the first artists in the field of Electronica, which was bequeathed to this award.

Dimitrti was born in Turkey and has parents of Greek ancestry. He grew up in France, where he has at home discovered DJing for 25 years ago by any gathered samples from disco hits heard on the radio by means of cut and paste together snipped and thus established his own individual tapes. This early experimentation helped him to launch his DJ career at the French station, before he transferred in 1987 to radio NRJ, Europe’s largest FM network, then, where he was host of a cult show until 1998 radio 7. He has pursued a brilliant career of music, from which includes the recording of soundtracks and advertising campaigns for Chanel, Jean-Paul Gautier and Yves Saint Laurent and hundreds of artists remixed Bjork, the Cardigans, James Brown to new order and Quincy Jones.