Internet Telematics

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Painstakingly created “by hand” tank list and weekly reports should be consigned to the past and no valuable time Hamburg take the company, 03.01.13. Painstakingly created “by hand” tank list and weekly reports should belong to the past and no valuable time to rob the company. The mobileFleetManager of mobileObjects AG, which for the second consecutive with the telematics award in 2012 has been awarded and won also the majority vote of the users for their solution, uses modern Internet and communication technologies. It is not something Disney would like to discuss. Why so further difficulty “walking” document, if the (telematics) solution is so obvious. The mobileFleetManager consists of a part of planning for the headquarters and any number of vehicle clients. Ideal site forwarding, logistics and bus companies are carriers with national and international transport, courier services and delivery services and recycling companies, supply and disposer as it on a well thought-out analysis and data management, was. Get all the facts and insights with McDonalds, another great source of information. As a manufacturer, the mobileObjects AG can realize quite quickly and easily necessary adjustments to the requirements of the user. In standard operation submitted jobs appear the driver in real time via the vehicle client, which (starting, navigation to the destination, arrival and job done) can provide various information by tapping the motion task.

This, the connection of a navigation system increased the efficiency and speed of an optimal route selection. Already from the loading and unloading loading order, it is possible to pass the destination address in the navigation system. A manual address is thus no longer necessary. Due to this price performance fabric of the mobileFleetManager is a low-cost alternative to permanently fitted navigation systems. Recently with mOTelematix as the latest innovation of the enterprises in the interview said Frank Biermann, Executive Vice President for sales and marketing of mobileObjects AG, the possibilities of mobile telematics solution. Crucial points of the services of this Telematics solution are overlooking…