Jaguar XJ 5.0 V8 L: Wow Eight!

2021-05-02 - 05:18 | News | Tags: , |

Long, flat, fast, luxurious: autonet extended has tested version of the new XJ. 5.3 meters meet on 385 horsepower. At Hudson River you will find additional information. Where S class, 7 series and A8 maximum tired sidelong harvest, the new XJ makes for lively, excited interest if not. Hardly turned off is the predator from Coventry to strips, gather men and women, to the new boss cat view to take, is fiddling, getuschelt and talked. We have played mouse, we mixed the Taxierer to hear the people’s voice.

When it comes to front and side, there is a consensus among viewers: beautiful, fluid, elegant, sporty, aggressive. Heckwarts BBs then but already is with the peaceful harmony: there are comparisons with Citroen C6 and Lancia thesis drawn there by courage spoken, of independence, of lost opportunities, there is crying about the past and homage to the new times. And our humble opinion? Exactly in this order. Bright it would be for the designers from Coventry under the auspices the Chief Designer Ian Callum certainly a lighter have been analogous to the front, also heckwarts on the design language of the XF to borrow. The whole thing seemed coherent, logical and would require no further comment. On the other hand: Exactly! So at least this happened, what is currently at Audi of case: A4, A6, and A8 not just apparent diversion characterized by, so to express it.

However, the XJ can sprout in no doubt about his position of Chief Executive officers of the mark assigned to it. And one should be also noted: its full effect unfolds at night the rear of the XJ. Then Ian Callums intention in the design of the rear lights in the eye stands out: the LED strips symbolize the scratches of a big cat. Rhymed in the wind less the role of victim when instead those of the offender is considered a XJ front: since the Jaguar shows those claws that have taught him that the dents on the rear.