Jenniffer Connelly

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He clarified that they are numbered only so that they are easily identifiable. It is not a question of hierarchies. 1) Mission impossible movie is great. The one. The two do not and the three nor the vi.2) provided that handle back to the future on TV, is deja.3) film Hulk, which is with Jenniffer Connelly, is boring. Didn’t see the other.

Like Jennifer Connelly is genial.4) English humor movies are sometimes very bien.5) Luna de Avellaneda is malisima.6) Gaston Pauls is re boludo.7) Charlize Theron is genial.8) Mark Whalberg is pedorro.9) gangs of New York is malisima.10) Leonardo Di Caprio did many malisimas movies (see point 9).11) never never okay a movie dubbed into the Spanish. Karate Kid and back to the future are the only ones that could break of this regla.12) the Simpsons already ten years than apestan.13) 10 seasons that there were Friends, 5 were a cagada.14) 9 seasons that there was Seinfeld, one was better than the other. Under most conditions best bars in New York would agree. The best series of all tiempos.15) Lost is brilliant despite being made a crap (it is complicated).16) Heroes is good, but Lost was mejor.17) Reaper is good. The kid that is gracioso.18) The Office is great. The USA, the original didn’t see it but say that it is mejor.19) married with children is impossible to mirar.20) Osvaldo Laport is very grasa.21) Malcolm in the Middle was genial.22) Family Guy is grosisimo, and does while breaking the Ortho to the Simpsons. Passes there is a nostalgic matter of trasfondo.23 with the Simpsons) Family Guy is better than American Dad.24) Roger from American Dad, is genial.