LED Frequency

2018-05-02 - 13:26 | News | Tags: |

To determine the frequency of use of the appropriate table of 'Tele-Satellite. " In analog receivers with on-screen menu (which appears on the TV screen), the frequency usually exhibited in accordance with the value given in the table. For Ku-band – is a five-digit number indicating the frequency of megahertz. If your analog receiver OSD is not envisaged that usually happens on the cheaper models, the frequency is fixed on the LED display on the front panel. However, its value is usually absolutely does not match the table of frequencies. The fact is that in this case the receiver is fixed so-called intermediate frequency, which is the difference between a carrier frequency of satellite television channel and satellite oscillator frequency converter. Converter reduces the frequency of the signal exactly at the frequency of the LO in order to be able to transmit a signal through a coaxial cable without increase by tens of meters.

Local oscillator frequency is about ten gigahertz, depending on the type of converter. It would seem very simple. However, there are several types of converters with different frequencies LO (eg – 10 GHz, 9.75 GHz and 10.75 GHz). Widespread converters with two local oscillator frequency, which are necessary to improve the reception range of the system (eg – 10 and 11.75 GHz, 9.75 GHz and 11.75). And in your receiver, this frequency can be pre-installed is not in accordance with the type of your LNB. Usually, the receiver allows for one or another can change the frequency according to the frequency oscillator.