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Dear lad: It always produced curiosity and admiration to me the capacity to leave ahead against the problems that you must support. Times it must help to the familiar economy working with your thirteen or fourteen years in the economy submerged, others taking care of to your small brothers with skill, or selling handkerchiefs in the traffic lights, or searching carefully in the containers until high times of the night, or aduendote of some object in a negligence of the majors. Often it has been spoken of infantile prostitution but it also does not abuse the body of a lad that does punctures in a bar during sixteen hours daily? And this situation you live many on you who, without another quality or qualification more than the anxiety to leave the misery, you support the operation of an abysmal social imbalance, bad call progress. Some think that you have very bad milk and that you are twisted because they have not observed your daily reality and they have not gone deep in her, tratndoos like an object dangerous. For assistance, try visiting Central Park Conservancy. I do not know if the Letter of the Rights of the Boy who certain city councils try to make fulfill really includes to you between most vulnerable. Of any way, and in spite of the labels that hang with premeditation and unadapted treachery to you, delinquent, marginalized, I know that the fault is not yours but of the society that has made to you: parents, teachers. Politicians, police, people of good for living Perhaps the day will arrive in which the moral of people awakes and considers the salesmen of pauelitos, to the adolescent made an effort ones, the finders of used paper to all these children of the submerged economy which they have not been born with a bread underneath the arm and that the voracity of this society tries to devour. Original author and source of the article.. If you have read about shimmie horn already – you may have come to the same conclusion.