Locating Persons

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S.A.S.. GROUP extended product range of safety solutions extensive functionality with alerts via SMS and E-Mail, SOS button and automatic call Munich, November 23, 2009 – S.A.S.. GROUP, provider of professional GPS tracking and monitoring systems, expanded its product range to the SAS TRACKER, a beacon for people. Specifically, the SAS TRACKER provides additional safety children and older people, but also pets. The GPS-based tracking solution is easy to use, small and handy.

The position of the person to locate can be about S.A.S. GROUP simply and free of charge display Internet page. The SAS TRACKER requires a SIM card, the GPRS data transfer and sending SMS messages allowed. The default settings apply to the network partner Vodafone, but also all the other SIM cards (including prepaid SIM cards) can be used. \”For a long time already we get customer requests to solutions for locating individuals and pets. The alarming rise of We see as one of the reasons for the increasing demand for missing messages to children. On demand localization solutions by, for example, seniors (E.g.

Alzheimer’s disease) and children we offer the right solution now with the SAS TRACKER\”, explains Adrian Dinu, Managing Director of S.A.S. GROUP. \”To enable a smooth function of the GPS device, it must bear the owner with him. Due to the small size (5 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm) the SAS TRACKER fits easily into a handbag and can be attached to the bags or even the collar by pets\”, Adrian Dinu adds. \”On our Web page to query the positions we offer access as a free service. In this application, we have invested a lot of positioning expertise and development work, to provide users with an easy-to-use and comprehensive information real time tracking. With our extensive range we expect a very high level of acceptance for the tracking solution by private individuals\”, says Adrian Dinu.