Marc Haas

2017-03-13 - 21:27 | News | Tags: , |

According to credit check and approval of the leasing Bank the same end of the contract to the new lessee same rate, the contract with the given conditions can be overridden. The difficulty is in the lease takeover, to find a successor who are interested in the acquisition. This helps Internet portals such as. There search ads can be switched free of charge, allowing you to get the contract in the short term from the own stock. The portal also offers an escrow service for secure financial transactions. For success fee, also provide support for the active search is possible on request for a successor. In contrast to not used vehicles in the fleet, there are also the cases where for a short period of time, an additional vehicle is required. It is for a time-limited project or for the probationary period of an employee.

Also for this temporary increase of the fleet lease acquisition offered this time as the successor to a current contract. New leasing contracts offered generally as a term of 36 months. Significantly shorter transit times are possible when a transfer of contract. Low rates and short maturity the advantage is low rates at an entrance to a current contract in the short term and the comparison, because they were originally calculated on the basis of longer life. Also added that many lease takeovers the original grant holders at the beginning of the contract as a deposit paid one-off capital sum not or only partially require. It even happens that the old lessee pays the new money as a bonus for the acquisition. Opinion turns off risk the risk of damage to the vehicle faces the unique benefits in an entry in a current lease agreement. Switched on an independent expert prior to contract, however, this risk can be excluded.

The cost for an opinion is about 100 euros. To add charges of the lease amounts to around 500 euros and are worn usually to the half of the previous contract holder. Win-win situation as a whole has the car lease transfer for both parties the original grant holders, as well as the successor to contract clear financial advantages and makes it a win-win situation. Marc Haas