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Martina's game. Children's story. Page stories. Tales Argentine authors. Theme of the story: The separation of parents when Martina was eight, had a life like that of many boys. He lived with his parents and two brothers men younger than herself.

She was a good student and had many girlfriends in school. His big buddy was always Valentina. They spent almost every afternoon playing in the house of one, or the house of another, and every day taking an ice cream together, no matter how cold it would. Martina had many toys that he always played, but one was always his favorite. He had given his parents when he was six years, a box-shaped house with four dolls: a father, mother and two children, also had a table, four chairs, an armchair, a small picture and a small dog. Martina called him the game and gave the family a special place in your shelf, was always careful to not fail anyone, everything was in order and in the same place where she had left.

If your mom, cleaning, running a doll of place, she would get angry and ran immediately to put it where it was. Valentina was always mischievous, and sometimes enjoyed to upset your friend by changing things in place. Martina knew that, as orderly as it was, did not like. They fought a little and then they always did the passing, as very good friends who were. Over time, things in the family were complicated Martina, her parents began to fight a lot and all suffered for it.