Matisse Artist

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Doubt is a serious hindrance to the result, so – Down! Personality. Here is the stove, from which you have every right to dance, deciding to first artistic experiments. topic.. Do not feel ready to express themselves in their own way? No problem! This should not trigger a rejection of attempts to start trying to draw. Then imitate! There is work that touches you? In art, lots of interesting styles, and each artist is interesting in its own way. Choose! Do you like realism? Or more to the liking of surrealism, impressionism, or any other “ism”? Write your masterpieces.

Speaking of masterpieces. Happen to one such incident in New York‘s Museum of Modern Art: upside down was placed Matisse painting “Boat.” Only Two months later, the error was spotted. So – more boldly, not gods pots. Start to draw! Think of the lines from the book of D. Cameron, ‘The Way of the artist’, I think they are will help you: “Let yourself be creative, learn it. Something like learning to walk.

Creative child must first begin to crawl. Then followed the first steps and first drop – the first awkward pictures, movies that are similar to the family amateur photography, the first verse, which embarrassed even to sign a postcard … Remember: to awaken the artist within, we first need to prepare for the role of a bad artist. Allow yourself to stay a novice. By agreeing to be a bad artist, you gets a chance to be an artist in general, and eventually, perhaps very good. ” And remember: You want to create, draw – then you are already an artist. Let some of you are artists so far only in the shower, but this only means one: the first step has been taken, but said the wise Chinese journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I, as a self-taught artist, I can afford to say that learning to draw any person, sense of beauty world, capable to hold the horizon line and draw a pencil tree or stozhok. If your goal in the future – enroll in a particular school, student requiring academic knowledge and skills, then Of course, we need an art school or studio. But a minimal artistic skills, without artistic education, as such, can be their own. And, if your problem today is that you do not know how overcome uncertainty in the forces, and, if we be sincere to the end, too soon – the belief that you still will not work, then this problem is easily solved by changing the mindset. You can and should provide great fun in the process of drawing. Believe in yourself and succeed!