Mehdi Schroder

2021-05-18 - 06:18 | News | Tags: , |

And that is not surprising. There are just the Greenfield-situation, a free field, where you can build something new. As an ICT partner you can present the customers, how we can modernise the existing systems”, explained Lady. The change in corporate communication is however not stopped. Not enough that the technical developments to rush. Also the companies themselves are in a State of flux. So, Aastra acquired the business customer Division of Ericsson in the spring of 2008.

The strengths in the wholesale business and in terms of mobility and fixed-mobile convergence, stands for the Ericsson, now combined with the Aastra core competencies as a SIP provider – the range of communication solutions and applications based on open standards. Would benefit both distributors and end users. Without hesitation shimmie horn explained all about the problem. Through the merger, the portfolio has been extended intelligent. This means that the gaps of one were closed by the strengths of others. Aastra and Ericsson Enterprise area behave here complementary. Thus is a rounded portfolio reached what eventually expanded its customer base and market share increases, “said Mehdi Schroder, Vice President responsible for sales development and Aastra.

In the face of growing pressure on margins in the ICT industry, Aastra trust consistently to understand the business processes of its customers and to optimize by suitable products and solutions. What everything is possible here, showing the communications software Aastra 5000 for medium-sized and large companies: extremely secure, platform-independent IP telephony of the second generation, which is completely based on open standards such as SIP and Linux. Companies should just think about the timing of a new ICT infrastructure: the main reason for an investment should be so that I can better represent the processes with the new investment and relieve employees. Here is the actual return-on-investment. “And if I can implement it immediately with the performance characteristics of a new system, then came the right time for a new investment”, as Markus Rademacher, Director global wireless and OEM sales of Aastra.