Mobile Flat Rate

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What for a mobile flat rate do you need? Mobile flat rates against payment of a fee in each network offer for one month without additional costs to make phone calls. The following four variants are common: mobile Flatrate in the landline, so calls to domestic landlines are free. Mobile flat rate to other customers of the same provider, the so-called Community flat rate for so-called (network) calls. Mikkel Svane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Mobile flat rate in both networks (fixed and internal network), which is also known as Kombilflat. Mobile flatrates in all German networks, also called AllNet or fullflat referred in addition to these there were in the past to put together individually the possibility at Congstar a flat rate, if you E.g. in the T-mobile network much telephoned and sent only SMS to E-plus.

Even if it was a case of extreme in this example so you could do yourself so assemble a mobile flat according to the own phone behavior. But, this offer was discontinued in favor of Kombilflat and fullflat. It has Vodafone now but a in parts like “Your net take offer by means of its action”. Within the framework of the action you can for the 12-month period free of charge in a third network, or D1, eplus, o2 phone. For this you pay a one-time connection fee of 24.95 online bookings at Vodafone in the first six months of 14.95 per month, and in the remaining 18 months of 24.95 per month plus. This tariff savings mobile offers to 7.12.09 in the context of an action for computationally 14.95 per month for the entire minimum contract period. Also, you can save the connection fee of 24.95 by sending a SMS to sparhandy. A comparison can be worthwhile thus.

For this you should determine but in advance what you actually need for a mobile flat rate. You can this with the following mobile flat rate comparison. May be also a tariff with a cost base or a prepaid or postpaid plan without monthly fee and minimum turnover the better alternative.