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SUMMARY In this article, we consider ourselves to analyze the economic and urban development of the city of the Christmas, located in the State of the Rio Grande of the North being searched to understand as the most varied economic activities if they hold raising the economic growth, modifying the city and simultaneously offering chances in the market of work of this State. Since if they have located notadamente as a generating factor of income to this capital, this makes with that the investigations that allow in such a way to understand them this analysis of the generating activities of income for Christmas how much for all the State, raise each time more in the possibility to know as if of this growth. Taking in consideration this panorama, the present study it contains a historical briefing of the evolutivo process of its economy and a posterior deepening that deals with the economic development of the city of the Christmas in order to analyze its systematic process. To reach such objectives, a bibliographical research for theoretical recital and analysis of this study was made. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Development, Economic, Urban, Native, Activities. 1 INTRODUCTION the city of the Christmas as well as all the State of the Rio Grande of the North has its origins since the period of the Brazilian settling. However, it is possible to observe who both had passed for a process of sufficiently slow development, mainly with respect to the socioeconmico development. Source: It was only in middle of century XX that the State and the city of the Christmas had mainly been able to more try a process of sped up development in the urban and economic scope. This process of development started to occur more of sped up form in the decade of 1940, during the period of World War II where Brazil, more specifically the city of the Christmas, served of base of concentration of the North American military forces, had its favorable geographic position.