Old Importance

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Asked on the importance of the folklore they had said the young of up to 25 years, that the important one to divulge the folklore not to finish with the tradition and not to be forgotten. For the ones of 26 the 36 years its spreading is important to preserve our roots, valuing and consolidating our popular culture. The ones that has 36 years more than had said that its spreading is of extreme importance to give continuation to the folclrica culture, and that if it takes knowledge of so rich they are these manifestations, considering the simplicity of the man of the field with its songs and the dances. In question four when interrogated regarding the importance of folclricas manifestations the young of ties 25 years had demonstrated scarce knowledge, had had difficulty in remembering, at least, a manifestation. Of 26 the 36 years already had emphasized the importance of all, standing out the participation of the families. Above of 36 they had said that each one of the folclricas manifestations has its sentimental and personal importance, thus, is understood that all have its value, related with the individual history of the society where if they develop. Questioned if already the young of up to 25 years had participated of some folclrico group had denied this action, justifying constaint in if showing public.

Of 26 the 36, some already had years participated and shown much contentment. The ones that has more than 36 beyond one alone participated when child to you, had said that they had will and would like to participate. When interrogated regarding the FestiVelhas they had said the young of ties 25 years, that the FestiVelhas divulged the folklore and taught to preserve the river of the Old ones. For the ones of 26 the 36 years, had fixed the importance of the debates on ambient questions ' ' urgentes' ' to reach immediate objectives of preservation of the natural values, as well as the knowledge of the traditions and customs. .