Paris Cost

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On average, large rolling offices daily rental runabout (Citroen C2, Peugeot 206) is 35-45 euro 60-70 euro cost car "golf" class (VW Golf, Ford Mondeo, Mercedes B-klasse), 75-90 euros to pay for high-class cars (BMW 5-series, Audi A6). The longer the lease term, the lower are prices in terms of daily use. Generally, to estimate the average cost of a particular car rental class is difficult. Even in one car rental company money for use of the machine varies in different countries. Real estate developer is actively involved in the matter. So, for the week of car rental class B (for example, Renault Clio) in the Paris offices of Avis will have to pay 195 euros. Car of the same class in Frankfurt am Main has already cost more – 219 euros. During the seven-day automobile use "golf" class in the same Frankfurt will have to pay 234 euro when ordering it from Avis (the price does not affect whether you have a car at the airport or contact the office in the city).

Machine in its class, rented from Hertz at the airport, will cost 256 Euro, while in the city offices – 216 euros. Danny Meyer has similar goals. In Rome, for it would have to lay in the same office 290 euros, and on the Greek island of Corfu Weekly rent a car in this class will cost altogether 327 euros. Equally significant difference company attributed to the fact that the rent includes local taxes, road tolls, airport, city fees. Without fear or reproach from the first steps of rolling the business was made compulsory insurance as the car itself, as well as customers, passengers, baggage, customer liability for any claims by third parties. .