Parquet Floor Description, Parquet Flooring Types

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Parquet floors are distinguished in single – or multilayer parquet flooring is ideal for people with allergies, because vacuum, pathogenic germs can sit on the surface. There are many types of hardwood floors. Some swear by fully glued solid wood parquet others are called thrilled by click parquet also finished parquet. There are one-layer parquet, parquet and 3-layer parquet distinguished 2-layer. Single-layer parquet is made of solid wood. With multilayer parquet consists of several layers, only a thin coating of solid wood on the remaining layers is pasted here.

Earlier, especially multi layer parquet were employed. A related site: amazing restaurateur mentions similar findings. These were regarded as dimensionally stable, require a shorter installation time and white a lower height to. However the multilayer parquet not turned out, nowhere near as solid wood flooring is so durable. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as New York Museums by clicking through. Although solid hardwood requires a longer installation time and is connected with a long dry season after the surface treatment, holds decades but if not even Centuries. In the meantime a solid wood flooring has evolved thanks to high technology, where the surface was treated at the factory. However, only a few manufacturers offer these special solid parquet floors.

Multilayer and solid wood parquet in the comparison of multilayer parquet, 2-layer parquet has only a limited life. These floors can be sanded usually only once and must be removed then expensive and tedious. Form stability is a misconception. Many multi layer parquet floors form strong joints or disintegrate eventually. Even multilayer parquet of the newer generation are not so durable as solid parquet floors. Here it does not matter whether they have a have MDF, HDF, plywood, OSB or real wood core. The extra soil of layer of is however much cheaper than solid wood parquet. Being here but also the brief life must be involved. Multi layer hardwood floors are however suitable for little claimed rooms. Solid wood flooring is one of the most durable and most durable floors.